Best Robotic Vacuums For Long Hair

If anyone in a house have long hair then you are bound to find long hairs and hair strands in every nook and corner of the room.

The most irritating part of those hairs is if you try sweep them with a broom it will not cleaned. The hair will only move from one corner to another. The hair will get stuck in the carpet, in the broom while sweeping, in bathroom drain strainer.

It becomes very hard to clean the floor when you will find long hairs stuck in the carpet, in the broom.

If you find a perfect vacuum cleaner for long hair then can only your problem will get solved. Every vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean the long hairs from the carpet and floor.

A vacuum cleaner with power suction pressure will act like a charm. It can only be able to clean the house by removing those irritating long hairs from the floor and carpet.

Apart from human hair there are also some bigger pets who have long hairs like dogs and big and fatty cats. This vacuum will also be able to remove those pet hairs from the house and make you free from hairs and dusts.

As now a days technology has improved a lot. If we can remove those long hairs from the house only by sitting on a couch or doing some other work then why will you not opt for it.

Yes you read it right. You can clean the house without doing nothing. Robotic vacuums for long hair will do it for you. you just need to control it through a remote controller or application and you are good to go.

How To Choose Best Robotic Vacuum For Long Hairs

If you are planning to buy best robotic vacuum for cleaning long hairs then you will need keep some points in mind before buying.

In some vacuums sometimes the hairs get lodged in the filter on in the suction and you have to open it and remove the hair from it. It is not very easy to do especially in robot vacuum which is very small and delicate to handle.

High Suction pressure

The long hairs are very hard to suck. If the robot vacuum has good powerful suction pressure then it will absorb all the dirt and long hairs easily from the floor and carpet into it.

Robotic vacuums with low suction pressure will find it difficult in absorbing the long hairs especially from the carpets.

So if you use carpets on the floor or planning to buy carpets for your house then check the suction pressure before buying.

An efficient and High end Filter

A good robotic vacuum which designed to clean long hairs must have good filter.

If the vacuum has poor quality filters then the hairs will easily get stuck and tangle with each other which leads to many problems.

In the other hand a good quality filter is able to absorb small dust, allergen, pollen grain, dander which will somewhat reduce your illness.

The filter present must be a HEPA filter. HEPA stands High Efficiency Particulate Air. It filters air in 2 stages.

A good HEPA filter effectively filter out the long hairs along with other debris.

Tangle Free Multi Surface Brushes

Multi surface brushes are good at sucking long hairs from carpets and floors. But tangle free multi surface brushes are anytime better than normal multi surface brushes. These types of brushes will help in preventing the dust, debris and long hair from tangle with each other.

These types of tangle free suction vacuums are designed only for the people who want to clean long hairs from the surface. If you are looking for a robotic vacuum to clean long hair then you should keep this in mind.

Self Cleaning Brush

The self cleaning brushes are meant for cleaning themselves. They automatically clean themselves when too much hair get attached to the brush.

This will do do all the work by itself without letting you know. It will keep cleaning simultaneously will clean the tangled hair from the brush itself without even letting you know.

So this is a must in a robotic vacuum meant for long hair.

Best Robotic Vacuums For Long Hair

#1. SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

SHARK ION Robot vacuum R85 is the one best robot vacuum for long hair under budget. This has many facilities which is required to clean long hair along with all the debris.

Shark ION R85 is a high performance robot vacuum under budget.

This budget robot vacuum has powerful suction which required to clean pet hair and long human hair effectively. It has the capability to deliver 3x suction power.

You can control this device through SHARK clean app by downloading the app. You can monitor and schedule the cleaning process from anywhere.

It also has WiFi connectivity and also Alexa and Google assistant enabled.

It has smart sensor Navigation 2.0 which helps it to make its way through obstacles and do the cleaning work by avoiding any stuck.

It has large dust bin that means you do not need to empty it frequently.

It has dual brushes which makes it capable of cleaning the edges and corners.

The best part of this robot vac is that it has self cleaning brushroll which is ideal for cleaning pet hair and long hair. The self cleaning brush rolls clean the tangled hairs itself without letting you know.

It is capable of cleaning pet hair, long hair,

  • Can clean pet hair
  • Can clean long hair
  • Easy navigation system
  • Powerful suction pressure
  • Can clean carpets and hard floors
  • can be controlled through app
  • Under budget
  • XL dust cap
  • Can stuck in corners
  • Not premium


This is perfect robot vacuum for removing pet hair long hair at a competitive price. Those it lacks the premium design and quality, still at such a price you can not expect more.

HEPA filters are also present in this vacuum which helps to make your house allergen free that means less chance to fall ill.

It also has WiFi connectivity, can be controlled through app. It is also Alexa and Google Assistant enabled. It provides an excellent cleaning result at such an amazing price.

#2. Neato Robotics D7


This Neato Robotic D7 is a robotic vacuum which has premium design and much more facilities which is little costly though. But according to its performance the price is nothing. You can adjust it if you want a high performance robo vac.

It has an awesome battery life. The battery backup of this vacuum is 120 minutes which can clean even the largest homes in one charge. It has quick boost facility which helps the robot charge quickly to finish the cleaning process if discontinued.

This also provides an app called Neato app which allows you to monitor and schedule the cleaning whenever required.

You can set up your zone in the house to start the cleaning with the help of zone cleaning facility. Like if you want to clean your bedroom then you can set up and the robot will do the cleaning work for that particular area.

It has Laser smart technology which is a great feature. This facility allows you to create a floor plan which the robot will follow. Like a smart robot it moves in straight line instead of a random pattern. It can also clean in dark with the help of lasers.

Another amazing feature of this robot vacuum is multiple floor plan feature. It allows the robot to remember up to 3 different floor plans. You can help the robot from getting stuck anywhere at bunch of cables or cluttered rooms  by telling it where not to go. You can do this by setting No Go lines on every floor.

It comes with turbo mode which boost the suction and by which it can suck all the unseen dirt and long hairs from the floor and carpet.

The ultra performance filter is able to capture up to 99 percent of dust,mite and allergen as small as 10 microns.

One more advantage of this robot is its D shape design which makes it easy to clean the corners, edges and walls better than those round shape ones.

It can clean the all the dusts, long hairs and pet hairs from the high pile carpets, from any corner of the room and from hardwood floors easily.

  • Premium design
  • Good battery life
  • Deep cleaning
  • Quick boost technology
  • ultra performance filter
  • Laser smart technology
  • Little costly
  • Dust bag could have been bigger


This robotic vacuum has so many excellent features that makes it smart and intelligent choice. Its D shape is giving it an advantage over other round ones.

This product is little costly. But at the end you have think how many features you are getting at this price. The features such as No Go lines, and mapping features with which you can map your house.

The zone cleaning feature is an amazing feature. It allows you to target a particular area and clean it perfectly. So if you are not in tight budget and ready to spend more on quality then this is for you.

#3. Samsung POWERbot R7070


This Samsung POWERbot is another ideal robot vacuum for long hairs and pet hairs. No doubt it will clean all types of dirt and debris from the carpet and floor.

You can save your time by using this robo vac. It can deliver 40x suction power and clean all types of floors.

Due to its unique shape it has an edge over other circular shaped robots in cleaning the hard to reach areas like edges and corners of a house.

This vacuum has on board camera and multiple sensors which makes a path for the vacuum avoiding the obstacles on the way. You can aslo see where the robot has cleaned using coverage map.

It also has WiFi connectivity that means you can control the vacuum from anywhere. It also supports Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The rubber blade present in the robot extends out while cleaning the hard to areas like edges of the wall and corners.

It is easy to clean pet hairs and long hairs with the help of self cleaning brushes which can remove and clean tangled the hair which attached to the brush without letting you know.

It can move smoothly over the obstacles and can easily pass from hard floors to carpet with the help of its large wheels.

This POWERbot has wide brushes of width 11.4 inch which is 42% larger than the normal conventional brushes which is 8 inch. So it is able to clean more areas with less movement.

The cyclone force technology supplies consistent power with less lagging. The dirt and debris are separated into outer chamber which helps in maintaining the long lasting suction power.

It can automatically select the suction power according to the type of surface.

The battery backup is 90 min. It automatically recharges itself and resume the cleaning work until it finishes the job.

You can also schedule your convenient cleaning time according to your time and the robot will automatically clean it.

  • Can clean pet hair
  • Can clean long hair
  • Wide brushes
  • 40x suction power
  • Can clean carpets and hard floors
  • Good battery backup
  • Self cleaning brushes
  • Easy pass wheels
  • Not budget friendly
  • Medium dustbin size


This amazing robot vacuum is little costly but it saves your time by doing all the cleaning work by itself without letting you know. It is a feature packed robot vacuum.

This POWERbot delivers 40x more powerful cleaning on all types of floors than others because of its unique shape and design. The self cleaning brushes automatically removes the tangled hairs from the brush. Which is very good for cleaning pet hair and long hair from floors and carpets.

It is edge clean master because of the rubber blades present in the robot which extends out to clean the wall edges and corners perfectly.


#4. iRobot Roomba 980


This iRobot Roomba 980 is one of the most popular model among the robot vacuum cleaners. The features and the performance justifies it.

It is capable of cleaning all types of floors. The cleaning head is adjusted automatically according to the types of surface. So that the multi surface brushes will be in close contact with the different types of floor surfaces. Which helps it to clean all types of floors.

It is capable of cleaning all types of floors, carpet, pet hair and also long hair, thats why we have added this in our list.

The AeroForce 3 stage cleaning system present in the vacuum allows it to absorb all the unseen dirt, debris and pet hair with 10x more power. The power boost mode automatically boost the power up to 10x more when there is any dust or debris found.

The multi surface brushes work together to pull in pet hair, long hair and other types of debris from the floors and carpet without getting tangled.

It can navigate through the whole room effectively and efficiently with the help of iAdapt 2.0 Navigation and Visual Localization and can keep a track of the location.

It is just 3.6″ tall which makes it easy to travel through the furniture, bed, sofa and other hard to reach areas and clean it thoroughly with the help dirt direct technology.

The edge sweeping brush can clean debris fro the edges and corners effectively.

The cliff detect sensors will prevent it from falling down from stairs.

The Roomba 980 has a very good battery life. It work for 120 minutes in one charge and when the power will go down it will automatically come to recharge itself.

You can also monitor the cleaning process from anywhere through iRobot HOME app. You can also check where the robot has cleaned along with coverage and duration of cleaning process through clean map on your smartphone. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.

It can catch 99% of allergens, pollen grains, dusts and debris, dusts, mites, dander up to 10 microns. That means a less chance to fall ill

  • Can clean pet hair
  • Can clean long hair
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans under furniture
  • Can clean carpets and any types of floors
  • Hassle free operation
  • Self cleaning brushes
  • Easy navigation
  • Long run time
  • Pricey
  • Noisy
  • Long charge time
  • Clogs easily


It is one of the most popular robot vacuum having more positive reviews on amazon.

It is a premium and high end product having some amazing features in its pocket. The advanced technology helps it to clean all types of floor, carpet, pet hair and long hair effectively.

The built quality is good which proves that it will last long. It is also very easy to use and hassle free. It can also come under furniture, bed and couch and make it dust free.

#5. iRobot Roomba i7+


The iRobot Roomba i7+ is the costly robot vacuum in our list. Still you can not ignore it because of its price. It has so much to offer at this price.

The automatic dirt disposal system takes it to a new level. It will empty its dusts on its own. You don’t need to think about vacuuming it for a week. The disposable bag can hold 30 robot bins of dust and debris.

It cleans the dust and dirt with 10x more power with the power lifting suction.

It navigates easily and the robot can map its surroundings. You can also track the whole cleaning process as which part it has cleaned and which is yet to be cleaned.

The 3 stage cleaning system lifts, suction and filters it to clean the all the dirt, debris, pet hair and long hair. It will also make the house free from allergens. The filter can catch 99% of pollen grains, mites, mold, dog and cat allergens.

It has dual brushes. Each brush has rubber treads which stay in contact with different floor surfaces fro carpets to hard floors.

You can control this device from anywhere from your kitchen to living room of your house through the iRobot HOME app. It is also Alexa and Google Assistant enabled.

  • Can clean pet hair
  • Can clean long hair
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans under furniture
  • Can clean carpets and any types of floors
  • Good battery backup
  • Self cleaning brushes
  • Easy navigation
  • Pricey
  • Small dustbin
  • Clogs easily


It is little costly but you want everything done by the robot itself then this one is really for you. You only need to monitor this and the rest it will do.

It has Wi-Fi Connectivity, Edge-Sweeping Brush, Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head, Patented Dirt Detect Technology, Smart Navigation, Automatically recharges and resumes cleaning, Works on Carpets and Hard Floors.

The best part is its automatic dirt disposal system which will automatically empty the dustbin.


Now we have done our part. We have listed some very much efficient robot vacuums for long hair. Finally you are going to buy this. So you have to decide which one is best for you according to the budget and need.

Some models listed here are little costly. The feature and performance of those vacuums justify their price. You do not need to worry about.

Some products are also at less price. If you don’t want to spend more then you can buy one of those. Every product listed here are best in their way.




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